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Small Cabinet Units

Mardon Engineering offers a complete range of products providing solutions for any dust and fume problem. The products are largely made to order depending on the specific needs of the client. The company provides a full and thorough bespoke service, firstly assessing the client’s needs, then designing an appropriate system, manufacturing and installing it.

However, if necessary, single parts or applications are available. Filters, collection bags, hoses, clips, motors, seals and many other parts are held at Mardon Engineering at Ditton Priors. A multitude of other spare parts can be made to order upon request – see our Spare Parts Service for more information.

Below are some of the most common applications produced by Mardon Engineering:

Axial Fans, Booths, Cyclones, Ductwork, Welding, Small units.

Please contact the company for more details of products and applications or to discuss your requirements.


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