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Small Cabinet Units
Mardon engineering designs and manufactures its own range of fans, including many types of centrifugal fan, axial fans and axial bifurcated fans. We not only make these to go inside our range of cabinet units, we also design and make a full range of stand-alone fans, often specifically designed for each application.

Featured below is a selection of the fans produced by Mardon Engineering.
Bifurcated Axial Flow Fan image   Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans

Ingeneral, axial fans are used for general fume extraction and ventilation applications where the system resistance is low. Bifurcated axial fans are suitable for use with solvent laden fumes, whereby the motor and its associated electrical components are outside of the solvent or flammable dust laden air steam.

Centrifugal Fan image

  Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are generally used where the system resistance is high and a high air velocity must be maintained to ensure the dust particles remain suspended in the air steam. Precipitation of dust particles in the duct due to insufficient carrying velocity will lead to restrictions forming within the duct and often blockages.

Bulk Waste Storage Systems image

  Bulk Waste Storage Systems

Mardon can engineer extraction systems that make innovative use of transport containers to collect and store waste materials. Mardon can also design and build large-scale extractors using rotary valves, to deposit waste materials into bags, skips or bins. These systems are designed to the individual needs of the customer.


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