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Small Cabinet Units
Booths are an ideal solution for hand finishing processes that generate dust, fumes or sparks, whereby the airflow is drawn form the rear of the operator, thus creating a clean breathing zone. Additionally, high energy sparks / abrasive material is contained within the confines of the booth preventing other staff from exposure.

Featured below is a selection of the booths produced by Mardon Engineering for the following applications.
Spray Booth image   Spray Booth

Dual-purpose workstations used for paint spraying, sanding, denibbing, etc.

Ventilated paint storage cabinet image

  Ventilated paint storage cabinet

Cabinet complete with removable bund trays for paint storage, allowing for the mixing of paints under fully ventilated conditions. The cabinet can also be used as a mini spray-booth.

Fettling and linishing workstation  image

  Fettling and linishing workstation

Fully self-contained workstation complete with its own fan, collection and filtration system for use with a variety of materials including dusts of an explosive nature. Mobile unit in which filtered air is cleaned/recycled and dust is deposited in the trays at base of unit for ease of disposal. The unit features a fluorescent light inside a polycarbonate enclosure and TONVR (thermal overload no volt release) contractor.
Sanding Booth image   Sanding Booth

Booths available in a variety of sizes, and designed specifically for sanding wood. Used primarily by the woodwork industry. The booths are available up to a 24ft width, and incorporate two fans, with the air vented either into the atmosphere or recycled into the room using a diverter valve. Adaptable for winter or summer use.


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