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Small Cabinet Units
Mardon Engineering has the design capabilities to produce cost-effective and efficient ductwork for a full range of purposes, by overcoming structural complexities and employing smoothbore ductwork.

Featured here are some examples of ductwork systems for use in a number of different industries and settings.

Woodwork Industry image   Woodwork Industry

A typical dual manifold installation serving a large edgbanding machine for the woodwork and cabinet making industry.

Schools, Colleges and Local Industry image

  Schools, Colleges and Local Industry

Ducted installations suitable for use in schools, colleges etc, designed and installed by Mardon Engineering demonstrating the ability to design and install neat, centralised extraction systems.


Plastics Industry  image

  Plastics Industry

A typical complex ductwork installation fitted to a granulating mill for plastics.

Metalwork Industry image   Metalwork Industry

A typical composite ductwork installation, serving the metal cutting industry.



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