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Small Cabinet Units
Mardon Engineering produces a number of standard small extraction units, which can be modified to meet the specific needs of the client, or for use with a range of tools. Some extractors are designed to accommodate the mounting of small machines, which not only economises on floor space, but can also make them fully mobile.

Featured here are some examples of small extraction units.

MS100 Cabinet Extractor image   MS100 Cabinet Extractor

A Mardon Extractor fitted with an envelope filter having a comparatively large filter area for the collection of fine dust as produced by some wood, plastic, pharmaceutical and metal finishing operations.

This unit has a comparatively large filter area for the given size of the unit. Single or multiple inlet positions are available to the side or rear of the unit. A quick release dust box at the base of the unit collects the waste material ready for disposal. Clean air can be returned to the room to conserve heat.

Noise levels are comparatively low for a unit of this size, and a further noise reducing attenuator is available as an optional extra. The filters are cleaned by the use of a manual shaker mechanism. Optional explosion relief and a blast barrier are available when used with explosive dusts.

Available with a 220V/1/50Hz or 400V/3/50Hz supply.

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  Mardon MS10/25/50 Cabinet Extractors

The photo shows an MS25 fitted with a polishing machine.

The MS10, MS25 and MS50 Extractors are smaller versions of the MS100 above, each having a different performance rating. Again the filters are of an envelope or conical design, all three units are fitted with a dust tray for the collection of waste and all are available for use with a 220V/1/50Hz or 400V/3/50Hz supply.

Manual filter shaker mechanisms are used for the cleaning of filters.

The MS10 and MS25 are both designed to have machines mounted on them as per the photograph, offering a compact machine centre where floor space needs to be conserved. The height of an MS50 does not lend itself to this application of mounted machines. A castor base is available where full mobility is required.

Mardon MS10 unit image


For example, the photo shows an MS10 fitted with a castor base and disc sander.

For the MS10 and MS50, an optional explosion relief and a blast barrier are available when used with explosive dusts. The MS25 is fitted with both as standard. These machines can be fitted with more than one inlet hose allowing them to serve more than one machine, but advice should be sought from Mardon Engineering regarding the particular application in mind.

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Mardon Hobby Unit  image

  Mardon Hobby Unit fitted with band saw

The Hobby unit is a lo-cost extractor designed for the education and light industrial markets. It is best suited to light duty applications, usually serving a single machine such as a wood turning lathe. The filter bag and the collection bag are integral as one. The Hobby has a very low noise level, is fully mobile and can have machines mounted on it. Available for use with 220V/1/50Hz or 400V/3/50Hz supply. A good simple practical solution to a localised dust problem, employing some industrial extraction technology, and industrial quality manufacturing standards.

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Mardon EW3  image   EW3 & Routermaster Range Of Enclosed Cabinet Wood Waste Extractors.

These machines are more powerful units designed for use with ducted applications often involving complete woodworking or metal machining workshops.

Tubular Terylene Needlefelt filters are used to collect waste that would otherwise clog other designs of filters. I.e. Large chippings from a thichnesser / planer, large circular saws, metal saws etc. However these filters can also collect dust. Explosion relief and blast barriers are provided as an integral part of their design, making them suitable for use with fine dusts produced by the machining of MDF and chipboard.

They have a high power to space ratio and collect the waste in a round 150L metal bin, which is quickly released with a cam gear. Polythene bin liners can be used to line the collection bin to make the disposal of waste very easy.

A manual filter cleaning shaker mechanism is fitted as standard. An optional V' section glass fibre after filter can be fitted to the top of these units to provide additional protection in the event of any primary filter failure. The Mardon Routermaster Unit has a particularly high suction to meet the extreme demands of routering machines.

Mardon Engineering also manufactures a range of multi-bag units, and has done since the Company's infancy; however we seriously recommend advice be sought from Mardon Engineering before these are considered.

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Mardon BSX Band Saw extractor image   BSX Band Saw Extractor

The BSX extractor is specifically designed for use with band saws and scroll saws which can be mounted on top of the extractor to provide the correct working height.

Multiple inlets are available to order, a manual filter shaker mechanism is used and a dust tray is fitted to the base of the unit for the collection and disposal of waste. Tubular Terylene Needlefelt filters are employed.

A well manufactured competitively priced extractor having good extraction performance. Having a very low working height, it is ideal for locating under workbenches.

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    CSX Circular Saw Extractor

The CSX extractor was specifically designed for use with circular saws. It is a low level extractor whereby the run-off table (a legal requirement) is mounted on top of the extractor, which is then height adjustable so that the tabletop is level with the saw. Tubular filters are used. A dust tray collects the waste material. 220V/1/50Hz or 400V/3/50Hz options are available. Multiple inlets are available so that both bottom extraction to the saw and crown guard extraction can be served simultaneously. Some ductwork will be needed where crown guard extraction is required.

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