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Small Cabinet Units
Mardon can produce a comprehensive range of products and applications for use in any welding environment, where health and safety considerations are imperative.

Featured here are some examples of units used for the extraction of welding dust and fumes that have been tailored to suit the individual needs of the client and the setting by Mardon Engineering.

Portable welding bench image   Portable welding bench

A fully self contained, portable welding bench for extraction of harmful dust and fumes. Features adjustable welding arms complete with capture hoods, for the extraction of welding fumes in small, localised applications.

Wall mounted extraction arm image

  Wall mounted extraction arm

Wall mounted extraction arms are used for the fast and efficient extraction of welding fume. This method of extraction should not be used for larger applications, as the welding arms would require rapid and frequent positional adjustments. In such cases welding booths are recommended.

Heat-treated room image

  Heat-treated room

A typical heat treatment room extraction system to assist brazing, gas welding and other heat treatment operations through the removal of heat and fume in a controlled environment. The air flow is laminar from behind the operator allowing for the complete manipulation of the workpiece and a safe working environment.


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