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There are a number of health and safety regulations in place that require all employers to monitor the hazardous substances that their employees are exposed to in order to prevent ill health. These substances can be passive in nature until reduced into a dust or fume form, making them a danger to the respiratory system, thus falling under the umbrella of COSHH. For example, wood dust.

The most important of these regulations are the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health’ Regulations (COSHH).

As some substances found in the workplace - such as dust and fumes - can put people’s health at risk, employers must assess the risks and take appropriate control measures.

What does this mean for employers?

How can Mardon Engineering help?

What does this mean for employers?

Employers are responsible for the welfare of their staff, and as such there are 8 steps that they must take:

1. Assess the risks in the workplace
2. Decide what precautions are needed
3. Prevent/control exposure
4. Ensure that control measures are maintained
5. Monitor the exposure
6. Carry out health surveillance
7. Prepare procedures for emergencies
8. Ensure employees are informed and trained
9. Ensure a plant and equipment COSHH is carried out at the required intervals which range from 6 - 14 months dependent upon the processes involved.

Contact Mardon for further information or to arrange a survey.

As such employers must know which substances in their workplace are considered hazardous, what the exposure limits are for these substances, and whether they comply with these. Employers have an obligation, by law, to carry out regular assessments to ascertain these facts and record the findings. If they do not comply then measures must be taken to make certain that they improve.

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How can Mardon Engineering help?

Ensuring that your place of work complies with the COSHH Regulations can be difficult and time-consuming, but employers cannot afford to make mistakes. Mardon Engineering provides a comprehensive assessment and monitoring service:

  • Examination of existing L.E.V. (Local Exhaust Ventilation) equipment
  • Testing and maintenance of extraction systems
  • Preparation of a full report as required under the COSHH Regulations
  • Additional recommendations/solutions regarding L.E.V. elsewhere on the site
  • Carry out any additional work required to comply with COSHH

If you are interested in COSHH assessments then contact the Mardon team to discuss your requirements.

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Further LInks:

For more information on the COSHH Regulations visit the following health and safety websites:

COSHH Essentials website

Health and Safety Executive COSHH information

Brief Guide to COSHH by the HSE (Format - Adobe Acrobat PDF / file size - 353K)

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